Meet HyperShock

The Best one Yet.

After years of bringing completely redesigned bots to season after season of BattleBots, we finally landed on a configuration that can dish out just as much damage as it can take. But we're always making behind-the-scenes improvements. We focus on adding power, bringing in new features, incorporating the latest technology and, of course, making it look as cool as humanly possible. Where would we be without some HyperShock flair?

High Performance Drivetrain

We're known for our high speed and ridiculous maneuvers, so we need a drivetrain that can keep up. With giant brushless electric motors running at the maximum allowed voltage, we have more drivetrain power than most bots have in their weapon! In-house developed magnetic encoders ensure we have the low-end torque to wipe the BattleBox floor with every opponent we face. Golden motorcycle chains get power to the wheels, ensuring all the torque turns to grip. The stickiest tires in BattleBots are wrapped around lightweight deep dish aluminum alloy rims to better protect the drive axles and hubs.

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Hard Hitting Weapon

Weapon power is everything in the BattleBox, so we have the two of the same motors from our drivetrain ripping our vertical spinner at 225mph! We have two weapons to choose from, both made from hardened S7 tool steel blades and lightweight magnesium hubs: the Dual Disk, featuring a pair of 1.25" thick blades, and the Single Disk, a whopping 2" wide no-nonsense tool of destruction. Whether we need agility & efficiency or brute force obliteration, HyperShock's masterclass weapons are proven to send home the competition in trash bags. We didn't win Most Destructive for nothin'!

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Battle-Ready Armor

With Bots getting more and more destructive, effective armor is critical for success. Thick Titanium, Aluminum and AR500 Steel armor all over ensures it's the best-armored HyperShock ever built. We have Top and Side Armor components on the shelf in all 3 materials to fit our needs, all identically powder coated and vinyl-prepped so our opponents don't know what flavor we're running.

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Top-Notch Serviceability

Competitions are won in the pits, and we've learned a lot over the years about what works and what doesn't in a time crunch between matches. To save time and simplify repair on-the-fly, HyperShock's guts are modularized for quick swaps and easy fixes. All electrical sub-systems can be swapped out with just 2 tools for easy repair or inspection.

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Spares, Tools & Equipment

A few seasons ago, BattleBots Executive Producer Aaron Catling told teams we needed to "roll deep like a NASCAR team." We took this advice to heart. Ever since, we have 2 HyperShock's up and running at all times and parts for at least one more on the shelf. Our massive supply cabinet houses all our spare components & hardware in easy to access bins and our big red Milwaukee Tool Box carried all our tools, neatly organized for quick-draw efficiency. At peak performance, we have a staggering 12 team members working together as the best pit crew in the competition. Team HyperShock came ready to kick some bot!

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HyperShock's Build-a-Bot Workshop

Explore HyperShock in our very own interactive Robot Configurator!! Blow it up, switch the armor and weapon configs, and create the HyperShock of your dreams!

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Battle-Damaged Parts

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Click below for deep dive videos & blogs about the build process, how HyperShock was designed & why we made decisions the way we did, what new things we tried, and how we did in our matches this year!

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