From HyperShock & Tiger Coatings

After years of using their products for the vibrant yellow HyperShock is known for, we teamed up with TIGER Coatings to create BATTLECOATS, a curated line of HyperShock-Approved powder coating finishes!

Now everyone can use the same super tough coatings that we use in combat for your own projects. Check out the 7 new finishes to the collection below, and follow the link to buy powder directly from TIGER Coatings' online store!

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BattleCoats Collection | by HyperShock x TIGER Coatings

HyperShock Yellow

Sunfire Red

Flamingo Pink

Poolside Blue

South Beach Gold

Burnt Rubber Black

Miami White



What Is Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is what paint wishes it could be. It's tough, durable, chemical-resistant, and perfect for a protective exterior coating to your metal parts. It comes in thousands of combinations of color, surface finish, and visual & performance additives, specifically formulated to get the most out of the coating.

In the Powder Coating process, a bare metal part is covered in the powder of your choice using electricity, part grounding, and then placed into an oven to cure. Inside, the powder transforms into a continuous shell around your part. Once removed from the oven, the molten powder solidifies into a hard shell that protects your part while showing whatever color and surface texture your application needs.

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