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Congratulations! You have reached the HyperShock TOP SECRET STORE! For the savviest of HyperShock Fans, we have a brand new high-end merch collection and a special Interactive HyperShock!

Build-A-Bot Workshop (Beta)

Ever wanted to build your own HyperShock? The HyperShock Fight Prep Configurator lets you choose what armor and weapon to use! Build up and tear down the bot to see all the parts, or use the "EXPLODE" button to look at all the parts blown apart!

Desktop or Laptop Strongly Recommended | Beta Testing in Progress

Fight Breakdowns

Sin City Slugfest: Gigabyte Bounty

Spoilers Ahead! This is all of our fights in the first episode of BattleBots: Champions.

Fight 3 | P1

We found out we wouldn’t have a third fight at about 1:30 AM on Saturday. We were upset, but after some back and fort...

Kyle's Build Logs


We’re going a little off trail to share everything we can about BattleBots: DESTRUCT-A-THON this week. This adventure...

Iteration: Bringing back the same HyperShock, but better?

This season’s iteration of HyperShock is just that: an iteration. For the first time, we returned with essentially th...

TV Show | A Gentle Reminder: BattleBots is a TV show

This week I’m going to zoom out and talk about the show rather than building. I’ll ask that you keep an open mind and in return, I’m going to try to minimize my literary bludgeoning. BattleBots is a TV show. It's a TV show about a specific competition in the sport of robot combat.

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