HyperShock's Top Secret Store!

Welcome to the HyperShock Secret Store! There's all sorts of unnecessary things to buy here, but you definitely should because we need your money. Why? So we can blow it all on BattleBots Season 6 :P

Your own HyperShock Neon Sign is finally here!

So many of you asked for a more affordable Neon Sign option that we had to do something. Real glass neon and two-colored construction, just like the original!

Need more than just a neon sign to satisfy your HyperShock cravings? Check out the *SECRET GEAR* and Technical T-Rex Merch for our Tale of the Tape fans!

HyperShock Neon Sign - "MINI" SIZE! (24" Wide)
Sold out

You found us!

Looks like you caught a glimpse of HyperShock's soft Titanium underbelly and managed to scan our QR Code! Welcome to the HyperShock Top Secret Store, full of items ONLY available with this link! Click above to browse all the special merch you won't find on the normal store, or pop over to the public shop and get yourself some awesome HyperShock Fan Gear!

All profits from merchandise sales goes back into HyperShock and supporting other up-and-coming teams through our HyperShock Approved sponsorship program!