Our History


BattleBots | Season 1

BattleBots rebooted for a 6-episode season and premiered in Summer 2015 on ABC Network. Will & team were invited by BattleBots' founder Trey Roski to apply for the show, and got selected to be one of the 29 initial teams!

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BattleBots | Season 2

HyperShock returned for BattleBots Season 2 and left with the first Best Driver Giant Bolt Award, and the now-infamous "Drone vs. Rake" fight against Warrior Dragon.

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BattleBots | Season 3

Season 3 saw BattleBots move to Discovery Network, and the team took this as an opportunity to rebrand into the bright-yellow high-speed fan favorite it is today.

Fun Fact: the racing suits were real nomex and did NOT stretch! Great for fire safety, terrible for a uniform.

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BattleBots | Season 4

HyperShock started to find its groove in Season 4 of BattleBots, taking on and beating heavy-hitters like Monsoon & Valkyrie, and holding its own against 3-time champ Bite Force.

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BattleBots | Season 5

BattleBots Season 5 was filmed in the middle of COVID-19 restrictions, and the robot's performance shows. Bloated, an underpowered weapon system, and zero ground game for getting under opponents, HyperShock needed a major upgrade to remain competitive.

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BattleBots | Season 6

HyperShock came back with a vengeance in Season 6 of BattleBots. The team absolutely tore through the competition in their legendary Sin City Slug Fest & BattleBots: Champions run, culminating in what is now called the Greatest Hit of all Time, Gigabyte vs. HyperShock. For their amazing performance, HyperShock won the Most Destructive Giant Bolt award.

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Summer 2022


HyperShock was invited to the invitational re:MARS all:STARS event, but there was a catch: Will couldn't drive. Will was asked to stand in for Kenny Florian as Fight Commentator alongside Chris Rose, so Alex Bales made her driving debut against top-tier bots Tombstone, Hydra, and Blip. Alex went undefeated against all 3 and took home the re:MARS all:STARS Champion Giant Bolt Trophy!

Fall 2022

BattleBots | Season 7

BattleBots World Championship VII was filled with some of the toughest matches HyperShock has ever had, and the most fun the team has ever had! Will drove in the Championship, but Alex took back the controls for a great 2-1 record in the BattleBots: Champions II tournament.

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Team HyperShock was invited to build special ShowBots for the BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon live show in Las Vegas! Specially-built extra heavy duty HyperShock clones fight nightly for a live audience with real destruction! In Vegas and want to see it in person? Get tickets!

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